Business Intelligence

Any effective business intelligence (BI) initiative begins with data. It requires an understanding of the questions the business wants to ask and the ability to ensure that the right data is available at the right time.

Is your BI strategy and approach meeting business needs effectively? Would you like to look at different options or ways to improve your current BI landscape? Timely and trusted data combined with intuitive data consumption will make sure your employees are making the correct decisions to move your organization forward both operationally and strategically. At Voluble Systems, our approach focuses on establishing a trusted data platform as the core of any BI solution.

As such our teams have extensive experience with the BI lifecycle including strategy, ETL, architecture, requirements definition, data modeling, semantic layer design and data virtualization. We can help instantiate a holistic ‘self-service’ BI environment improving user experience and reducing IT costs. With so many new technologies emerging we help customers rationalize the software and understand the value it can bring to their organization.

We can design your data model to maximize your ROI when adopting emerging ‘in-memory’ and MPP platforms, as well as integrate your data consumption layers with big data platforms such as Hadoop. In addition to our BI infrastructure and data management expertise we have significant experience with a variety of front-end tool stacks enabling us to ensure you are able to easily consume and act upon your data using reports, dashboards and mobile devices. With expertise across a breadth of industries and technology stacks, we can help you drive better decision-making with BI.