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Internet of Things

The interconnection between devices, sensors, machines and the cloud – also known as the Internet of Things (IoT) – provides a platform that allows an organization to not only be aware of its environment but also control it.

Leveraging advanced analytics on data from the things that make up the Internet of Things allows organizations to address issues before they happen, optimize operating efficiencies and, in some cases, save lives or address complex social issues like climate change.

To date, the IoT hype has focused on new and smart things, but the true power of the IoT lies in what those things enable. Interconnected devices, sensors, machines and the cloud open up new services and opportunities that offer the ability to transform how you do business. Voluble Systems is driving exciting initiatives around the convergence of operations technology and information technology that enables organizations to harness more information than ever before and transform it, in real time, into actionable insights.