Increasing consumer demands are driving the automotive industry to adopt innovative solutions and be on par with new trends and discoveries made in technology.

Voluble Systems Expertise

  • Voluble Systems steers the auto industry with innovative services aligned to the constant change of the automotive sector.
  • Our experience in providing automotive solutions enables us to measure, analyze, develop and implement end-to-end solutions encompassing every aspect of the automotive industry.
  • We enable successful transformation through our value driven approach right from processes like procurement and logistics to product development, manufacturing, marketing and sales.

Where the Industry is Zooming

  • As fuel prices remain high and there is greater concern for the environment, energy efficient cars are increasing in demand. This increasing popularity of hybrid and electric cars is going to affect the industry in big ways as it will create a new market for businesses to cater to these new forms of vehicles.
  • In the next 10 years, standard options in most vehicles will include Wi-Fi hookups to provide weather information, news and other information; onboard cameras to help detect blind spots and voice commands.
  • Currently there are 800 million cars in active use. By 2050, as India and China develop, there will be a projected 3.25 billion; by 2020, nearly 10 percent of Chinese citizens will own an automobile.

Voluble Systems Automotive Solutions

  • In-dash Systems
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain