Transportation and Logistics

As the cornerstone of the global economy, the transportation and logistics industry keeps people, products and information moving around the world as it links producers and consumers along the supply chain.

With challenges that include an often aging infrastructure network, rising fuel costs and an increased emphasis on lowering carbon emissions, the leaders in this highly competitive industry are the ones who are able to improve existing business systems and embrace new ways of incorporating technology to reduce costs and increase profitability.

 Voluble Systems Expertise

At Voluble Systems, we know how to help companies along the transportation and logistics value chain navigate the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities afforded by this dynamic industry. With inspired solutions and information technologies that drive visibility along the supply chain and help serve customers more efficiently, transportation and logistics leaders choose Voluble Systems to help them focus on what they do best. From network simulation to dynamic route planning and analytics, our integrated solutions approach allows us to continually push boundaries to stay at the forefront of emerging technologies and help our clients attain the highest levels of safety, consistency and efficiency. Together, we are setting the standard for the modern global supply chain.

Voluble Systems Transportation and Logistics Solutions

  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain
  • Analytics for Logistics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Multi-dimensional Diagnostic Systems
  • Crew Management
  • Dynamic Route Planning
  • Network Simulation
  • Procurement
  • Transportation Control Systems
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Performance Improvement and Process Redesign